Makossa releases!  

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Petit Pays Le son d amour.JPG (6071 bytes)


"LE SON D'AMOUR" (Sonodisc CD 83218) 

A very professionaly produced album which finds Petit Pays combining some exciting elements into his already successful technique.   In the opening song, Petit Pays combines such an intricate amount of syllables into his singing that it appears that he is circular breathing.  Top notch guitar, deep bass and crisp production make this a top pick for fans of his style.

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Septocam Stars.JPG (7351 bytes)


"AVEC NOUS C'EST LA FETE" (Sonodisc CD 83213)

AFRICASOUNDS website has been very impressed by the recent releases by the Cameroon organization Septocam, which produces not only Petit Pays but also a host of other fine artists from Cameroon.  If you are looking for a modern, fresh glimpse of what talent is surfacing from Cameroon, look no further than this release.  The ideas are fresh, the musical elements are diverse, and there is an wealth of talent in this compilation.  A sure fire hit.

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Chantal Ayissi.JPG (5350 bytes)

Chantal Ayissi


Chantal Ayissi has been an artist in full development.  Her releases are getting more and more intricate and interesting.   On this, her most recent outing, we are confronted with a host of styles, from Makossa to Bikutsi to Afrobeat to Afropop to R&B.  Professionaly crafted, with a very diverse array of songs. 

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Francois Misse Ngoh.JPG (7058 bytes)

Francois Misse Ngoh

"The Best of Volume 2" (Preya Music PMC0336)

Preya Music has been releasing some stunning historical retrospectives of Cameroon makossa artists in their heydays.   This is one such example.  If you see the Preya label, chances are it is a compilation of historical proportions.  The songs have the hiss of the old style recordings, but the collection is some of the creme de la creme of early makossa greats.   Francois Misse Ngoh has superb songcrafting and songwriting skills.  Listen to hear a master in his early prime.

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Bible du Makossa.JPG (8395 bytes)

La Bible du Makossa

"Volume 1"

Two Medley concepts have hit the market in the past year.  The LA BIBLE DU MAKOSSA series is perhaps my favorite if only for the fact that it is not keyboard heavy but instead full of intircate guitar, live drums and live horn arrangements.  Various vocalists highlight songs from Cameroon's rich musical heritage.  There are three songs on each album, each song has roughly fifteen songs worked into an extended medley.  Volume 1 has some acoustic guitar work reminiscent of classic makossa. 

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Bible du Makossa 2.JPG (9114 bytes)

La Bible du Makossa

"Volume 2"

A more modern accompagniment to the superb BIBLE 1 album reviewed above.  There are some excellent medleys on here which can light up any dancefloor.  Highly recomended.  Featuring the guitar and guidance of master guitarist Bobby James.

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Prince Eyango.JPG (8302 bytes)

Prince Ndedi Eyango & Les Montagnards D'Afrique

"Si Tu Me Mens" (Preya Music)

Prince Eyango has not only provided the public with some of the most classic compilation collections of early Makossa classics, but he also has a hot dance band located on the West Coast which has not forgotten its roots.  This is one of his better albums with the group.  The guitar work is breathtakingly exciting for modern makossa music. 

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Guy Lobe.JPG (7106 bytes)

Guy Lobe


It seems that Guy Lobe cannot go wrong.   He has a highly produced sound that really works with his New Look Makossa style.   Every song is of high quality.

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Black Styl.JPG (7185 bytes)

Les Black Styl

"A Paris" (TJR Music)

The band which brought the Makossa sound to Europe.  Les Black Styl have two albums available on TJR Records.  This one has a lot of funky experimentation in it which makes it a unique album for early makossa lovers.  The second album, which is not featured here, collects some of their best classics.  For anyone looking for some almost psychedelic sounding vocals, tinged with nostalgia, check this release out.  Also some very funky 70's style bass here.

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Charlotte Mbango.JPG (5168 bytes)

Charlotte Mbango

"Konkai Makossa" (Sonodisc)

NEW LOOK MAKOSSA is done best by the diva Charlotte Mbango.  This is modern, crisp, electric with wonderful solo guitar arrangements.  A full orchestra including violins and horns accompagnies Charlotte on her original compositions along with several reworked classics.  An A+ album.   You won't be disappointed.

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Sam Fan Thomas.JPG (6768 bytes)

Sam Fan Thomas

"The Best Of" (TJR Music)

A thoughtful collection of some of Sam Fan Thomas' best tunes played by a full band of stellar horns, bass and guitar.  Includes one of the African continents all time great hits, "Afrique Typic Collection." A must for any makossa collection.

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Chantal Ayissi Diva 1.JPG (6631 bytes)

Chantal Ayissi

"Diva" (Septocam Productions)

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Lapiro De Mbanga.JPG (8521 bytes)

Lapiro de Mbanga

"Ndinga Man Contre-attaque :Na Wou Go Pay" (Indigo)

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Top Makossa.JPG (10069 bytes)

Guy Lobe & Jo Doumbe


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Sergeo Mari d Autrui.JPG (8254 bytes)

Sergeo & Njohreur

"Le Mari d'Autrui" (DMS Entertainment)

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Dina Bell.JPG (6499 bytes)

Dina Bell

"The Best Of Volume 1" (Preya Music)

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Kotto Bass Soukous Fusion.JPG (7391 bytes)

Kotto Bass

"Soukouss Fusion"

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Kotto Bass.JPG (9104 bytes)

Kotto Bass

"Edith Ndol'a Ngo"

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Petit Pays CV.JPG (7580 bytes)

Petit Pays

"Le CV de"

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Sans Visas.JPG (8509 bytes)

L'Orchestre les Sans Visas de Petit Pays


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Cameroon Connection.JPG (8307 bytes)

Cameroon Connection

"Volume 1" (TJR Music)

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Cameroon Stars 2000.JPG (9150 bytes)

Cameroon Stars

"2000" (TJR Music)

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Best of Makossa.JPG (7909 bytes)

Best Of Makossa

(Ndedi Dibango, Ndedi Eyango, J.C. Mbimbe,

Joey Etonde, Villa Vienne, Ebanda Manfred) (TJR Music)

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Makossa Connection.JPG (8784 bytes)

Makossa Connection

"Volume 2" Ben Decca, Lapiro De Mbanga,

J.C. Mbimbe, Salle John

Highly recommended release by TJR Records, this collects some classic Makossa sounds by four leading artists in the genre.  Part of a four CD series, each album is a winner.  However, Salle John comes out the winner with two scorching selections which offer a glimpse of one of the hottest sounding Makossa groves, fired up by real horns and adrenalized vocals.  A veritable classic.