Africa And The World Presents: Soum Bill & Chantal Taiba and Frantzy Dancers in Harlem - December 2006

Soum Bill one of the popular artists associated with Coupe Decalle movement, a beat which sprang from the streets of Abidjan and eclipsed other forms of popular music in Africa over the past few years made a stop in Harlem on a late 2006 tour of major American cities.   


Actually his music is a combination of Coupe de Caille and Zouglou said the show's producer Jose Toure of Africa and the World productions. Soum Bill first rose to notoriety in the Ivoirian music community in 1989 with the group Mini Choc.  His name became synonymous with the Zouglou music movement.  After Mini Choc, Soum Bill helped found the band Les Garagistes as a lead vocalist.  Most recently he joined Les Salopards. 

During his New York performance in Harlem Soum Bill paced the stage with a purposeful energy. Female fans crowded the stage singing along and screaming when he improvised lyrics and directed words to people in the audience.  Many in the audience sang along word for word, in the process he acknowledged his patrons in the audience who gifted him with money after he praised their name.  The show featured material from his album to be released in April, (he is in the studio in Cote d'Ivoire now) and a cover song, Salif Keita's  "Baba", from M'Bema. At the performance, Soum Bill performed for a couple hours with a full band.  The album will be distributed here by Light Year Entertainment and he plans to tour North America again this summer.